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Parent-teacher interviews

Staff and families in consultation

Parents’ involvement is critical in effective planning for students. Parents are expected to attend planning meetings for their child. 

Teachers and parents/carers work together to identify and review individual students' goals as part of every individual plan. Teachers and parents may meet annually or more often as the need arises.

Arrange for an interpreter if needed

If you need an interpreter, let us know before the interview. Call 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The operator will get an interpreter on the line to help you. This service is free.

Do your homework

Complete any information or planning forms sent home before the meeting to ensure both you and the teacher have a clear starting point. Take a few minutes to jot down any questions or comments you may have. Common questions may include:

  • How is my child engaging with class activities?
  • How is my child communicating with others at school?
  • Is there anything about my child’s needs that I should know?
  • What activities does my child seem to enjoy the most at school?
  • Is there anything I can be doing to assist my child at home?
  • Can you tell me the best time and way to contact you if I have a query or concern?

Also, list anything that might be happening at home that may be helpful for your child’s teacher to know. 

Go with the right attitude

Try to approach the meeting with a positive and relaxed attitude, remembering you and the teacher are partners in your child’s learning. Don’t be afraid to raise your concerns. At the same time, if you’re upset about something, let the teacher give you their explanation of the situation. Heading to the school with the attitude that you’re going to ‘sort them out’ won’t help anyone.

Many teachers are parents or carers too and the vast majority choose to teach because they want to help kids achieve their best. In other words, you’re on the same team.

Plan to communicate

The parent-teacher meeting is not the only time you can discuss your child with the teacher, however many parents find its one of their only opportunities to visit the school. Teachers may also be available to email or call you outside of school hours.

Your child will be provided with a home-school communication book. This book provides an opportunity for you to maintain daily contact with your child’s teacher about your child’s engagement, behaviour and progress. Families are encouraged to read and respond to any information in the communication book on a daily basis.

Open communication is critical for the success of your child’s education at Bates Drive School.